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The e-ink display, the long battery life, and the simple design make for excellent e-readers. For instance, the fourth generation Paperwhite is actually part of the 10th generation of devices, while the third generation Paperwhite is part of the seventh generation.

You may need to know which Kindle model you have in order to buy the proper case or other accessories. There are three prevailing characteristics that work best for identifying your particular Kindle model.

Amazon Kindle 2019 - Serious screen upgrade!

The first and most effective method is with the serial number. Your serial number is unique to your device. However, the first few digits are the same across all Kindles of the same model.

The second method for identification is the physical model number. The below table has each device, its release year, the generation it was a part of, the short name, and serial number prefixes to help identify it.

Again, go into your device settings, find the Device Info option, and look at the first few characters of your serial number. Compare it to the table below to find your specific model. Please note that some models had a whole bunch of potential serial numbers. We noticed Paperwhites have a ton of serial numbers. The table or the previously explained model number method should be enough for most people. We highly recommend the serial number method and the physical model number method. This is usually pretty easy and Amazon has a help page with photos of each of them here.

However, in some cases, it can be difficult to tell the difference between models just from images. For example, the Oasis and the Oasis are physically identical to a point where you can use the same folio case for either one. We hope this guide helped you identify your Kindle model. If not, leave us a comment and tell us why so we can fix it! How To. How do I know which Kindle I have? The model number should appear along with things like the MAC Address and other info.

Kindle Basic 2 Kindle Oasis. Kindle 5 Kindle Paperwhite 1. Kindle Touch Kindle 4. Kindle 2 Kindle DX. The first Kindle. More posts about e-readers! Joe Hindy 5 months ago.

Which Kindle do I have? A quick guide to identifying all of Amazon’s e-readers

Best e-readers to spend your money on: Kindle, Kobo, and more Mitja Rutnik 2 weeks ago. Comments Read comments. You Might Like. Best e-readers to spend your money on: Kindle, Kobo, and more. The best Kindle cases for the Basic, Paperwhite, and Oasis. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway.

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e ink kindle

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Our largest, fastest kids tablet - now faster. Fire 7 bundle. Includes tablet,case, and screen protector. Fire HD 8 essentials bundle. Includes tablet, case, and screen protector. Fire HD 10 essentials bundle. Includes tablet, case, and fast charger.Take the Kindle Voyage for example. It was released back in and it still has better contrast with darker text than any of the current Kindle models.

Back then there was a good bit of optimism that Amazon would eventually release a color Kindle, but now it seems that is very unlikely to ever happen. E Ink still makes colors screens for things like shelf labels and super expensive digital signs, like the ACeP display pictured above, but the resolution is too low for reading. So now in the odds of a color Kindle ever getting released appears slim to none.

For those who want color there are tablets. I do like an occasional ink drawing in a novel, such as were in older novels. They sell books. That was centuries into the development of bound books. Then, 40 years later there were ereaders, which are the next big improvement.

It always happens. As people who are interested in technology we want constant evolution and even revolution. As readers we have what we want right now. The past decade has probably been the brightest and most innovative in the history of reading technology.

I agree with Barry. For me they have revolutionized the number of books I can read in a year. Since I bought that ereader, I have probably averaged 12 to 15 books a year. My daily driver now is a Kobo Aura One. The ability to borrow books from the library without needing Adobe Digital Additions was the next big change for me. Black and white is fine for most books and manga, but not for comic books printed in color. Also, color e-ink would not have to be true color quality to handle comic book art.

So, e-ink devices with fewer colors could find themselves in demand for use with comic books. Ideally, these would be as large as comic books too.

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All the color will do is raise the weight and the price. I could use color eink. A lot of what I read is about computer code. Most development environments use different colors for keyword, variables, strings, etc. Coding books tend to emulate that. As for all other types of books, black and white is fine. I want choice!

Software optimizes UI for each experience. I definitely welcome a colorful e reader with similar size, weight, and maybe a little bit higher price. Well let us see…. What he wants, is what he stated. I want one too.If you buy an item via this post, we may get a small affiliate fee. When you are a satisfied Amazon customer, the decision which device to buy seems to be an easy shot.

Is it really? Things are simple only when you are an avid book reader, and need a device that will help you fight distractions and keep your eyes in good health. The only thing to do is to replace the Kindle with the newer generation from time to time. Things become more complex when you start sharing your Kindle cloud library with other members of your family. Take a look at the questionnaire below. You may find it useful. It will help you clear some doubts referring specifically to using devices offered by Amazon and connected to Amazon ecosystem: Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets.

If you believe you still need an advice what kind of the device you need, make sure to check out the questionnaire which will help you choose between a tablet and e-reader. To start with the Kindle vs. Kindle e-reader — Kindle, just like any other e-reader, is dedicated to reading ebooks. Besides ebooks, the possibilities the Kindle offers are limited.

Fire tablet — an affordable tablet with a color LCD screen, which lets you read ebooks, watch movies, play games, or listen to music. You can also use it to browse the web, answer emails, take pictures, or check out social media. Text only for instance, novels B. Text with pictures for instance, cookbooks or graphic novels. Yes B. Kindle has its limitations. Small 6-inch e-paper display, the lack of audio and color, make it hard or impossible to read any digital publication that includes pictures, graphs, or animated elements.

e ink kindle

Newspapers and magazines are full of colorful pictures. Their digital editions include animations, videos, and interactive elements. The size of every page is too large to entirely fit on the screen and keep the body text readable. Navigating through pages, zooming in and out, jumping from one article to another — all this is essential to make reading a magazine or newspaper possible and enjoyable.

The tablet is much better for this task. You can still do it on the Kindle, but you may find it irritating. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, benefits of the Kindle and other e-readers is their screen.

Amazon Kindle e-Reader – 2019 Review

Such a backlight display is used in Amazon Fire tablets. Do you expect the device to speak to you the text of the book via text-to-speech feature, or have a possibility to navigate it via voice? You can still consider the Kindle, but you need to buy an extra accessory. The feature lets you navigate your Kindle with text-to-speech and listen to books through connected speakers or headphones. For the same reason — the lack of audio — listening to audiobooks on the Kindle is not possible.

In the Amazon ecosystem, audiobooks are provided by Audible. You can buy and listen audiobooks separately, using an Audible application on your Fire tablet. You can also add an Audible narration to the Kindle book you already own. The smart feature called Whispersync for Voice will let you switch seamlessly between reading and listening with just one tap. Do you have a large collection of ebooks in pdf format?Everyone's talking today about the new Amazon Kindle 2 e-book reader.

e ink kindle

The second-generation device features a sleeker profile, a speedier operation, and a host of new features and updated options. Behind all of that, though, is the real brilliance of the mobile reading device: the high-tech "virtual ink" that makes the whole thing possible.

Amazon's Kindle 2 is powered by technology developed by E Ink Corp. It's the same company that created the system behind the Sony Reader. E Ink's "ink" is some complex stuff, too. As its engineers explain it, "electronic ink is a straightforward fusion of chemistry, physics and electronics to create this new material. Translated into its simplest terms, electronic ink is all about a bunch of tiny slimy bubbles. The bubbles live in plastic sheets of film within the displays, and inside each one is a mix of black and white particles floating around in fluid.

The Kindle sends an electrical charge into the bubbles, and that makes the particles move upward or downward -- thus creating the ink-like appearance of images and words on your screen.

So what could electronic ink do for us in the future? Just look to some of the recent trials for an answer. E Ink created that cool moving image on the cover of Esquire last fall.

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The company has also helped build a whole host of other cutting-edge products marketed worldwide mainly, of course, outside of America. Check out, for example, the Citizen E Ink flexible clock from Japan. This bad boy lets you bend time at your will. We could sure use that ability in this office.

Then there's the Seiko electronic ink watchoffering a bracelet-style adjustable timepiece for ladies who need a little fashionable technology in their lives. When it comes to E Ink-powered e-readers, the growth is staggering.

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Nearlyunits shipped ina jump of percent from the previous year, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. With the launch of the new Kindle 2 and word that other e-reader contenders may soon hit the market as well, the business of electronic ink seems poised to write its own destiny -- virtually speaking, of course. We spent some quality time with the Kindle 2, and found lots to like--and some things that still Amazon announced its e-book reader Kindle 2 on Monday.

But the real page-turning tech behind the The introduction of "Whispersync" technology may well be the bigger technology news from Amazon. After months of speculation, Amazon. Whispersync: The Real News BehindThe basic entry level Kindle has been refreshed with some pretty compelling features. It also is employing a front-lit display, which is ideal for reading in the dark, but unlike smartphones which are backlit, this technology has LED lights on the bottom of the bezel that projects light evenly across the screen.

Should you buy the new Kindle? This hands on review should answer this very question. This is the first Kindle with a front-light display, which allows you to control the brightness using a slider bar. It has 4 LED lights that are on the bottom of the bezel and project light upwards, so it is not shining in your eyes.

Close examination of the screen will reveal a mild blur around text, indicating a low resolution panel. However, this difference fades from view once you start reading a book. That is, unless you read a lot of graphic novels. High-quality graphic content definitely shows off the advantage of the higher resolution display on the Paperwhite. There is 4GB of internal storage to house all of the ebooks you have purchased from Amazon or from your own personal collection that you have sideloaded.

There is no SD card for additional storage, but no Kindle after the 1st generation model has had one. The new Kindle also has Bluetooth for wireless headphones or an external speaker and has the Audible audiobook store.

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This will allow you to purchase audiobooks and listen to them. One of the first things you will notice is that the bezel is quite large and the screen is sunken and not flush with the bezel. This has the advantage that the screen is not as easy to scratch. The exact dimensions are x x 8. The body of the ereader itself is plastic, and this is largely why it feels less premium than the all-metal body of the Kindle Oasis. It is important to note that this device is not waterproof and the battery should only last a couple of weeks if you read for a few hours every day.

Amazon has confirmed with Good e-Reader that this entry level Kindle is employing a mAh battery. The Amazon Kindle line of e-readers uses a custom Linux operating system. The consistency of the UI and fluidness is one of the big reasons why Amazon Kindle owners feel right at home, no matter the model. Amazon constantly pushes out firmware updates to fix bugs and add new features, they do this better than Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

e ink kindle

The Amazon OS is basically rock solid and hardly ever crashes. One of major selling points is when you finish a book, it will automatically be marked as read in your library and synced across your reading devices including Kindle, Fire tablet, and the free Kindle apps for iOS and Android.

This feature is slowly becoming available to other Kindle e-readers. The new Kindle has audiobook functionality and you can buy them a new audiobook section from the Amazon bookstore. Purchasing audiobooks on the Kindle is really easy, providing you already have an Audible account. If you do not have an Audible account you can register one for free. Audible basically has two different systems in place. You can subscribe and get X number of credits per month, depending on how much you want to pay or pay for each title individually without subscribing.

There are free samples of every title available, so you can get a sense of the narrator and the production quality. Once you download a full version of the audiobook you can listen to it with the audio player or delete it from your device when you are done and it will be stored in the cloud. If you already have an Audible account on your smartphone or tablet and already used credits for past purchases, these all will be available to download from your Kindles library.The Amazon Kindle line of e-readers are in a good place.

The Paperwhite 4 is now waterproof and the Oasis 3 has a new color temperature system to help mute the bright white screen, when reading at night. What is next for the Amazon Kindle and where do they go from here?

All 3 of their products have Audible integration, so users can purchase audiobooks and listen to them with a pair of wireless headphones or earbuds. Every model now has a front-lit display and a high resolution e-paper panel. The Basic and Paperwhite each have six inch screens, while the Oasis has a seven screen. On the software side of things, each one is exactly the same, since Amazon tends to keep everything updated and there are no features that are only on one specific Kindle.

You can look up people, places and things in an ebook with X-Ray, look up words in the dictionary or do translations via Bing. You can take part in the social media platform for books, Goodreads. There is also other things, such as profiles which remember your font selection, font size and any reading settings you adjusted, useful if you share it with the family.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription platform for ebooks and Prime Reading gives you thousands of ebooks, graphic novels and magazines for free, well, as long as you are a Prime Member.

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Amazon is not very risk averse, they tend to let companies such as Barnes and Noble or Kobo innovate and see what new features resonate with readers. This allows Amazon to not do anything new anymore, but merely react to the current market conditions.

Will Amazon do anything new for the 11th generation Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite? Will the 4th generation Kindle Oasis have anything specific, that will warrant an upgrade from people with older models? What can Amazon do to make you upgrade?

Should they do their own e-note and compete against Remarkable or Sony?

The best Kindles in 2020

Amazon has always been a consumer company when it comes to their Kindles, a device aimed at professionals might be too bold. What do you think Amazon should do with the next generation of Kindles that will be released next year? He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years. They will do nothing. Amazon seems to make just minor improvements no drastic changes.

There will probably be a Paperwhite 5 or Voyage 2 that has a comfort light system like the Oasis 3 but not as good. They always let Kobo lead the way on innovations. I have to live with marginal wifi access which is something that they do not test their software with.

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